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β€œ... It's clear to me when you do private equity well, you're making companies more efficient and helping them grow and become more profitable. That success means our investors ... benefit, which contributes to the economic wealth of society.” 

~David Rubenstein

In securities transactions in which you are contributing to a private equity fund, or in which you are funding a business entity (be it a startup or a going concern with an operating history), retaining legal counsel is prudent. Whether you are involved in a fund, seed-stage financing, or a Series A, B, C ... venture capital transaction, a savvy securities attorney can help protect your investment in several ways. Even a "family and friends" financing transaction should have legal counselβ€”there is no exception to the strict federal and state securities laws just because a company is raising capital from issuing securities to close friends or family.

In any event, I can advise on and assist with every element of various investments, including the following:

    • Formation of private equity funds for GP's/LLC's
    • Reviewing and advising limited partners on PE fund documents
    • Preparing due diligence request lists
    • Due diligence review of target company's governance documents, contracts, compliance, IP portfolio, liens, litigation, and other DD matters
    • Collaborating with investor's accountants on due diligence review
    • Assessing issuer's liability exposure
    • Identifying signs of issuer fraud
    • Identifying indicia of insolvency 
    • Negotiating and preparing deal documents (more on my Securities Practice here)
    • Advising on exit strategies
    • Advising and counseling investors on enforcement of rights under existing investment contracts
    • Working with litigation counsel, in the event of a post-funding litigation or other dispute proceeding to enforce investors' rights against issuers


For business owners, sole proprietors, and budding entrepreneurs not quite ready to formally retain a business attorney, I am working on an online document e-Store. It will include a library of simple, common business documents. Some will be downloadable for free, and others available for purchase. They will be fillable contract templates. Click here to visit the future home of the future home of the WLF Document e-Store for more details. 


I would love the chance to get to know you and your investment strategy, for you to consider me a professional resource to help protect your investments. Make an appointment today for a free consultation.

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