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Upon its launch, the WLF Document e-Store anticipates including for Purchase basic templates for the following documents, and/or other similar business and personal legal forms. After the initial launch of the e-Store, more documents and forms for purchase are expected to be added over time.

Prices are expected to range from $17 to $77, possibly higher, depending on the complexity of the contract.

Purchasers of basic contract templates who later hire WLF as legal counsel will receive a courtesy discount on that representation, or a credit for their prior purchases, or both. Details for this will be announced when the e-Store is launched.
    • Assignment & Assumption Agreement (for transferring assets or rights and related obligations to another person)
    • Bill of Sale (evidence of the purchase of some property or right)
    • Buy-Sell Agreement 
    • DIY Certificate of Incorporation (simple form, for various states) 
    • DIY Packages for Simple Startups (for "mom-n-pop" shops, self employed, etc.)
    • Employee Offer Letter
    • Employee Arbitration Agreement (for disputes between employer and employee)
    • Employee Assignment Agreement (for assigning property or rights to an employer)
    • Executive Employment Agreement 
    • Founder's Assignment Agreement (for assigning property to a startup company)
    • Guaranty Agreement (for personal guarantor of a debt)
    • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) / Confidentiality Agreement 
    • Partnership Agreement 
    • Secured Promissory Note with Security Agreement 
    • Unsecured Promissory Note


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