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What I Do


β€œ... There's a way to do it better.  Find it.”

~Thomas A. Edison

I protect the interests of entrepreneurs, small businesses and investors. I work with clients from the launch of a new venture, through dissolution of a business or planning and implementing an exit strategy, and at every stage between. The business life cycle is marked by ebbs and flows of opportunities and risks, by shifts in profit and cash flow.  As to the former, I offer the benefit of savvy legal counsel derived from over 20 years experience, from having been educated at one of the best law schools, and from having had my skills honed while working at top law firms. As to the latter, in addition to flexible billing models, I am committed to providing effective, protective service and advice with cost-sensitive efficiency. 

Why Hire WLF?

β€’  Flat Fee Billing Available
β€’  Other Alternative Fees Available
β€’  Efficient Use of Technology
β€’  Stellar Credentials
β€’  Over 20 Years Experience
β€’  Veteran-Owned Business πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 
β€’  Dog Lover
β€’  Great Personality!


β€’  Los Angeles | Ventura County | New York City

β€’  Licensed in New York and California

β€’  Seeking admission in Texas

β€’  Able to provide many services in all other states