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β€œ... Most entrepreneurial types are free-wheelers who like to do a variety of things and do not enjoy routine tasks. But a smart entrepreneur will eventually learn that while ideas start businesses, organization makes them successful.” 

~Larry Burkett

In addition to the internal benefits of proper organization, the law requires adherence to what it calls "corporate formalities." I advise and assist business clients in connection with the formation of new business entities, dissolving and liquidating business entities, and matters relating to a number of very important (but often overlooked) aspects of governance and complying with legal formalities.  

I will counsel you on the type of business entities available to you and the differences among them, and on the choice of jurisdiction (that is, which state) under whose laws you may most benefit from forming your new business entity. I prepare formation documents and initial organizational, perfection and authorization documents, and file all state filings that both bring your company into existence and bring it into compliance with post-formation filing requirements. If you form your company in one state but do business in another, I will qualify your company in the other state(s) to do business there. Click here for more about how a new business is formed.. Should you need or want to dissolve a business and liquidate its assets, I will guide you through that process, and prepare and file any necessary agreements and documents. 

I regularly represent and advise clients in the following and other related matters: 

Formation and Dissolution

    • Advising owners on available alternatives in forming new business entities
    • Advising owners on dissolving business entities and liquidating their assets
    • Qualifying business to do business in foreign jurisdictions (i.e., in other states)
    • Preparing and filing "DBA's" (fictitious name applications)
    • Preparing and filing dissolution agreements and documents 
    • Preparing and filing formation documents for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships
    • Preparing and filing formation documents for professional corporations and professional LLC's
    • Preparing and filing formation documents for non-profit corporations
    • Preparing accountability standard policies for not-for-profit corporations
    • Registering sole proprietorships
    • Registering limited liability partnerships 

Ongoing Compliance & Governance

    • Advising business boards of directors on D&O fiduciary duties
    • Advising not-for-profit boards of directors on their special fiduciary duties
    • Board and shareholder meetings
    • Corporate, LLC, partnership resolutions
    • Keeping your corporate / organizational minutes
    • Keeping your state filings current
    • Updating / revising accountability standards for non-profits 
    • Updating / revising bylaws and charters
    • Updating / revising operating agreements 
    • Updating / revising partnership agreements
    • Updating / revising shareholders' agreements


For business owners, sole proprietors, and budding entrepreneurs not quite ready to formally retain a business attorney, I am working on an online document e-Store. It will include a library of simple, common business documents. Some will be downloadable for free, and others available for purchase. They will be fillable contract templates. Click here to visit the future home of the future home of the WLF Document e-Store for more details.


I would love the chance to get to know you and your business, for you to consider me a professional resource to help you maintain corporate formalities and compliance obligations, so you can focus on growth and executing on your business strategies. Make an appointment now for a free consultation

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