Lawyer Jokes


Because no one should have an attorney without a sense of self-deprecating humor.

    • What is wrong with lawyer jokes?
      Lawyers don't think they're funny and no-one else thinks they're jokes.
    • Lawyers be like: Have a good day, but this no way guarantees you one. *escapes liability*
    • What do you call a lawyer gone bad?
    • What do you call a banker who went to law school?
      A loan shark.
    • What do you call a priest who becomes a lawyer?
      A father in law.
    • What's the difference between a lawyer and God?
      God doesn't think He's a lawyer.
    • It's a shame that 99% of lawyers give the remaining 1% a bad name.  
    • A man sued an airline company after it lost his luggage. 
      Sadly, he lost his case. 
    • A lawyer awoke from surgery and asked, β€œWhy are the blinds drawn?”
      The nurse answered, β€œThere's a fire across the street, and we didn't want you to think you had died.”
    • Why did New Jersey get all the toxic waste sites and California all the lawyers?
      New Jersey got first pick.
    • Lawyers really take the fun out of everything.
      Even Santa comes with a Clause. 


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