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I am working on three new pages to add to this site: a collection of short Articles on common business law contracts and matters, a Frequently Asked Questions page, and an even more informative Business Law Blog. These will provide answers to common questions and information on areas of interest to business clients, but with a focus on the pragmatic, not the arcane, so that you can be an informed consumer of legal services.

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Meanwhile, however, below are a few favorite lawyer jokes. Because no one should have a lawyer without a sense of humor. 


    • What do you call a lawyer gone bad?
    • It's a shame that 99% of lawyers give the remaining 1% a bad name.  
    • A man sued an airline company after it lost his luggage. 
      Sadly, he lost his case. 
    • What do you call a priest who becomes a lawyer?
      A father in law.
    • What is wrong with lawyer jokes?
      Lawyers don't think they're funny and no-one else thinks they're jokes.
    • A lawyer awoke from surgery and asked, “Why are the blinds drawn?”
      The nurse answered, “There's a fire across the street, and we didn't want you to think you had died.”


For business owners, sole proprietors, and budding entrepreneurs not quite ready to formally retain a business attorney, I am working on an online document e-Store. It will include a library of simple, common business documents. Some will be downloadable for free, and others available for purchase. They will be fillable contract templates. Click here to visit the future home of the WLF Document e-Store for more details. 


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