Flat-Fee Packages for California Startups


I offer a suite of flat-fee packages specifically designed for startups which have more that one founder or which plan on an early management team of more than one. The goal is to balance the demands of your strict start-up budget with the need to structure your new venture intelligently, providing you with maximum value and certainty in billing when your most need it. (For clients wanting to start a new venture to be a freelancer or self employed, another flat-fee arrangement may be more appropriate, as your legal needs will be fewer.)   


πŸ₯‰ Bronze Package $1,950

The Bronze Package bundles the following tasks, services and documents:

    • Initial 1-hour strategy meeting (via phone, Zoom, Skype, live chat, etc.)
    • Advising on most advantageous type of entity and state of formation
    • Prepare and file formation document 
    • Prepare and file any required post-formation state filings
    • Up to 1 foreign qualification (if doing business in a second state) 
    • Startup documents:

πŸ₯ˆ Silver Package $3,950

The Silver Package bundles everything in the Bronze Package, plus:

    • Additional 1-hour strategy meeting (via phone, Zoom, Skype, live chat, etc.)
    • Your choice of 3 customized agreements from Startup Document List below
    • Legal review of your pitch deck
    • Legal review of your business plan
    • Capitalization table
    • Five percent (5%) discount on future fees for the next year

πŸ₯‡ Gold Package $6,700

The Gold Package bundles everything in the Silver Package, plus:

    • 3 additional 1-hour strategy meetings (via phone, Zoom, Skype, live chat, etc.)
    • Your choice of 3 additional customized agreements from our  Startup Document List 
    • Employee stock option plan (ESOP)
    • Form of notice of ESOP stock issuances
    • Ten percent (10%) discount on future fees for the next year
    • Standard, state filing fees and related service-vendor fees included

Also Included in All Packages

    • Template for minutes at annual board meetings (reusable)
    • Template for minutes at special board meetings (reusable)
    • Template for minutes at annual meetings of stockholders (reusable)
    • Template for minutes at special meetings of stockholders (reusable)

πŸ“š Startup Package Document Library  

    • Advisory board charter
    • Advisor agreement form
    • Buy-sell agreement
    • Capitalization table
    • Consulting agreement / independent contractor agreement
    • Convertible promissory note
    • Executive employment agreement form
    • Employee offer letter form 
    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
    • ESOP ancillary documents (included with ESOP selection)
    • Indemnification agreement for Officers & Directors
    • Master services agreement 
    • Non-disclosure agreement form - Unilateral (bundled with Bilateral as 1 document)
    • Non disclosure agreement form - Bi-lateral (bundled with Unilateral as 1 document)
    • Operating agreement (if an LLC)
    • Restricted stock purchase agreements (if needed for additional founders; standard vesting terms)
    • SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
    • Stockholders' agreement (if a corporation)
    • Unsecured promissory note for founder loan to company
    • Work-made-for-hire agreement (or comparable for California) 
    • Website terms of use
    • Website privacy policy


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