Corporate Finance in California


β€œ... When I see people laughing at ideas and companies we have backed, I smile. It means we are going to make a lot of money on that investment.”  

~Fred Wilson

Financing transactions are the means by which businesses raise funds from outside investors for operations, capital acquisitions, inventory, debt pay-down, business expansion, product development, product testing, working capital, and other general and specific organizational purposes. I advise and represent issuers, investors, debtors, and creditors in connection with many different types of financing transactions and related matters, including the following: 


For business owners, sole proprietors, and budding entrepreneurs not quite ready to formally retain a business attorney, I am working on an online document e-Store. It will include a library of simple, common business documents. Some will be downloadable for free, and others available for purchase. They will be fillable contract templates. Click here to visit the future home of the future home of the WLF Document e-Store for more details. 


I would love the chance to get to know you and your business, for you to consider me a professional resource to help you skillfully traverse the labyrinthine rules of securities law and avoid their draconian penalties for inadvertent missteps so you can access, or infuse, capital to take your, or your target's, business to the next level. Make an appointment now for a free consultation

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