Flexible Billing Models


β€œ... Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

~Tony Robbins

Flexible billing for clients with diverse needs. Five billing models, including flat fees (fixed rates for specified matters), traditional hourly rates, packages for startups, and several alternative billing models, reflect my entrepreneurial approach to serving clients throughout the organizational life cycle. Billing arrangements are memorialized in a formal services contract between you and the firm.

    • Startup bundles
    • Flat fee billing
    • Hourly rates
    • Monthly subscription
    • Concierge relationship
    • Deferred fees + Equity stake

Startup Packages

You choose from a suite of flat-fee service bundles specifically designed for startups. The goal is to balance the demands of the strict budget of a startup with the need to structure a new venture intelligently. Click here for more details on Startup Packages.


Flat Fee

Fixed-fee billing provides certainty in the client's legal budget. In addition to flat-fee packages for startups, other matters are often appropriate for flat-rate billing (including business transactions). Click here for more details about Fixed-Rate Billing, including a fixed-rate fees for particular services and documents. 


Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are traditional in the legal industry. Although alternative billing can offer great advantages client and lawyer, sometimes hourly rates are preferable. But, there are still creative means to approach hourly billing. I offer three hourly-rate fee models.  Click here for more details on Hourly Billing.


Monthly Subscription

One of our most collaborative models, subscription billing can result in lower effective rates, and act as a preventative measure, helping client and lawyer spot issues that may otherwise have gone overlooked. This model also allowing us to get to know your business more intimately over time without the worry of the proverbial ticking clock.  Click here for more details on Monthly Subscriptions.


Concierge Billing

For organizational clients with significant but unpredictable long-term legal needs, or the need for regular, go-to outside counsel on a strict budget, in exchange for an annual or semi-annual retainer, services are provided with virtually no cap on hours and few limits.  Click here for more details on Concierge Billing.


Equity + Deferred Fees

On a very selective basis, after discussion and due diligence, fees are deferred until certain milestones are met, and in exchange for the risk taken by the firm, the firm is issued an equity stake and/or the right to convert deferred fees into equity in a client's venture. Click here for more details on Deferred Payment & Equity Stake.



I offer significant discounts to clients who are veterans, active duty military, military dependents, and Gold Star family members. Without you, the liberty that allows the wealth building opportunities and innovation of the free-enterprise system in which my clients and I and the American economy flourish does not exist. Click here for information on Military Discounts.



For business owners, sole proprietors, and budding entrepreneurs not quite ready to formally retain a business attorney, I am working on an online document e-Store. It will include a library of simple, common business documents. Some will be downloadable for free, and others available for purchase. They will be fillable contract templates. Click here to visit the future home of the WLF Document e-Store for more details.


I would love the chance to get to know you and your business, for you to consider me a professional resource to help protect your business or investment interests, to grow safely and to execute intelligently. Make an appointment today for a free consultation

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